We Are Workaholics

History of company

Why We Started This.

As a privately held firm, we view our customers as our investors. We credit our success to an unwavering devotion to delighting customers. Our pledge is to be the most competitive and service-driven company in the industry – both today and into the future. We fulfil that promise by treating all customers as individuals and understanding their respective needs.
The Network Orbiter team is passionate, experienced, certified, honest and responsive. We are a principled partner and view moral character as our most compelling asset. The way we look at it, it’s not about making a sale. It’s about building a longstanding partnership.

Vision Statement

We wanted to address the market of Enterprise and Broadband Access Networks with our rich experience in this field, and offer a world class, future proof solutions . Our unique offering?

A mix of youth and experience, with the founders having gone through the whole IT revolution in India and having a firsthand experience of the IT industry transformation since the last 2 decades.


Network Orbiter’s mission is to transform our customers experience with Information Technology by providing and implementing secure and reliable solutions that provide the ability for your business to succeed.

Campus LAN and WiFi

Whether improving your business WiFi means empowering your workforce by providing streamlined access to web-based applications on mobile devices, or simply ensuring guests are happily connected, Network Orbiter has a solution for you. We have developed a proven process for analysing current WiFi environments, designing specific solutions that meet your needs, and providing dedicated guest wireless support to ensure user satisfaction. Your one-stop-shop for Wireless Access Connectivity. The process starts with a site survey from our engineering team, using our software and spectrum analyzer tool. From that process we create a design that shows clients a map of exactly where the coverage starts and ends. We spend the time to get to know your plans for the WiFi - what type of users will be on your network? What critical applications do they need access to? Also, how might your needs change over the lifetime of your solution?

Campus fiber solutions

We provide professional fiber installation and implementation services. If you need a simple fiber optic cable routed from one telecommunications closet to another, we will do it. If you need a custom fiber optic assembly fusion-spliced to your existing system, we will do it. However complex your fiber optic project is, Network Orbiter has the expertise and resources to install your custom solution, ensuring your fiber optic investment is quickly, safely and properly implemented.

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We partner with the best in class OEMs and Technology companies that provide a value to our customers. We believe in a solution selling approach and technology driven value addition, rather than selling products. We are proud to be associated with the below OEMs as their Authorized Partners.


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